Ten Ways to Overcome Your Anger

Angeris a very powerful emotion. It consumes all your energy, your mind, as well as your strength. Because of that, anger can give rise to several negative feelings and events which could have been avoided had the anger been controlled effectively.
When not properly checked, anger can lead to verbal onslaught, physical conflicts. But how do you deal with your anger? How can you control its fire from consuming you?

So here are the 10 simple steps to take when anger strikes you:

1. Hold your tongue, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
That’s very basic, right? But these acts simply lay the ground works for successful dealing with your anger. As you refrain from speaking, no more angry words will come out; and as you keep your eyes closed, you get to divert your mind from the one causing your anger.
I know you’d agree that taking a few deep breaths can ease the impact of anger on your emotions. As you breathe slowly and deeply, you get to release the stress caused by the pent up emotions giving rise to your anger

2. Identify the cause of your anger.
You may say this is irrelevant, but do you know that a lot of times we don’t even know the reason why we are angry in the first place? Often times our anger stems from various factors that have piled up reaching our anger threshold. Identifying the real cause of your anger therefore is key to overcoming it.

3. If possible, go to a park.
That’s right; a lazy stroll in the park is great when you’re angry. Feast your eyes on verdant landscapes and lovely flowers. Delight in the cool breeze and let it sooth your beleaguered emotions. Watch the children play and allow yourself to be carried to your happy childhood days.

4. Hum or belt out a song.
You need not go to a karaoke bar nor be a singer to do that. Simply hum or sing any song you could remember. But inspiring, uplifting and comforting songs would be best. You could do it with your eyes closed if you feel like it. The melody and lyrics of the song could help relax your senses.

5. Take a shower or draw a bath and go to sleep.
A shower can be very refreshing and can help cool your seething emotions down. A bath filled with relaxing oils like lavender is even better to help dispel your anger. For best results, you may listen to your favorite music as you linger in your soothing bath.
Many people find going to sleep quite an effective method in overcoming anger. Sleep is a powerful stress-buster; so it can certainly help you calm down and control your anger.

6. Talk to a close friend or a relative.
If you need to talk, then talk with a friend. But be sure to talk with someone who does not try to fan your anger, as it can be disastrous. Instead, seek a friend or a relative whom you know to be sensible, fair, wise and willing to listen to your tirade if necessary.

7. Read inspiring verses from the Bible.
The Bible is given by God to help His people deal with everything life has to offer – including anger. You’ll find that God’s view and advice on anger is totally different from ours. But these are also the best among all other views and methods of dealing with anger. His words offer peace and wisdom, if you allow faith to guide you.

8. Engage in your favorite hobby.
Engaging in an activity that interests and delights you provides a way for a productive release of your fraught emotions. It enables you to divert your focus from your anger into the demands of the task at hand. Many people find baking and coking to be therapeutic; while others find release by exercising or playing their favorite sport. Reading, writing, and crafting are also great anger-busting activities. Engaging in your favorite hobby is not only effective but also a productive way of dealing with your anger.

9. Watch a movie.
I know some people who go to cinemas when something is infuriating them. Perhaps the best choice would be a comedy film to make you laugh, venting out your irate feelings. You may also choose to watch a film at home, or simply turn on the television to your favorite show. The main idea is merely to divert your attention from your anger so that no harm can come from it.

10. Clean or redecorate your room.
You heard me right. If there is a better time to clean your room or even your entire house, it’s when you are mad at something. Your irate emotions are very active and aggressive, so they give you the kind of energy needed to clean or reinvent your room. Your focus will no longer be turned to your emotions but to the demanding task of putting your things in order and in redesigning your room.

The secret to overcoming anger lies not in one’s age or experience. You may be young, but you may be more efficient in dealing with anger than your parent. In fact, children are known to have the ability to deal with anger more constructively than many adults. Maybe because of the simplicity of their thoughts and emotions, kids can afford to be more objective when it comes to their anger. But adults, who have experienced the harshest blows in life, are likely to have a subjective view on their emotions, making them prone to the harmful consequences of uncontrolled anger.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All these forms of distraction or redirecting your anger into a more positive pursuit are excellent suggestions. ((HUGS)) and thanks so much. Love, Debby

  2. Jay Weitz says:

    I wish I had read this two days ago. Very angry that day, anyway thanks for the help! I will put it to use the next time I get angry. JWeitz

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