30 Ways To Show Care & 30 Quotes To Love

One of the most beautiful ways of being is caring for another. It is the path on which Love walks and surely one that reveals the power of Kindness and Compassion. When you care, suddenly the heart enlightens the mind and entrusts Life with ways to exist joyfully. Here are 30 ways to feel the Love and 30 quotes to express them all.

1). Smile ~ A smile is the closest path between two Souls.

2). Trust ~ Trust is the bridge between two hearts on which Love walks peacefully.

3). Give ~ To give is to share Love.

4). Share ~ When you share the best of you, you get the best of Life.

5). Believe ~ Believe in the beauty of your dreams so that you make them true and share them all.

6). Connect ~ Two hearts connect through one moment. Each of which is Love. Each of which is Life.

7). Forgive ~ To forgive is to open the heart to Love.

8). Remember ~ Love is remembering Kindness as the language of the heart.

9). Open ~ It is when you open your heart to another that Life appears meaningful.

10. Laugh ~ A laugh is a soulful moment that carries Love from Heaven to share it with those we love.

11). Grow ~ Love is the Gardener that makes Life grow strangers into Friends .

12). Learn ~ When you learn from Love, you are discovering that Peace is possible as a way to co-exist.

13). Create ~ To create a space for Love to exist beautifully is to care simply, yet endlessly.

14). Build ~ To build a Life from Love is to ensure a foundation on which to stand.

15). Honor ~ Honor those who support your Greatness as they provide you with a path to happiness.

16). Bless ~ Bless the one whose eye sees you in your Truth for (s)he is the mirror to your Soul.

17). Respect ~ To respect another is to allow him/her to exist independently from your own needs.

18). Accept ~ To accept Life partly for what you see and mostly for what you cannot yet fathom is great Wisdom and great Love.

19). Dream ~ The dream of a rainbow is Life showing you your true colors.

20). Imagine ~ To let another imagine his Greatness is Leadership as a way and Love as guidance.

21). Envision ~ Love lets you envision an Immaterial power. It also lets you realize it is yours.

22). Agree to disagree ~ Create a relationship through which you can agree to disagree and see how Love creates bridges.

23). Cherish ~ (S)he who cherishes a moment of Love, cherishes the Truth within Life.

24). Hug ~ A hug is Unity given a form.

25). Kiss ~ Kiss the lips and you’ll see all stars. Kiss the Soul and you’ll know the Light beyond all of them.

26). Thank ~ Give thanks to all that brings smiles to your Soul for this is Divine Love wrapped in Life’s dearest blessings.

27). Appreciate ~ To appreciate Love is to give a heart a chance to feel it, share it and rejoice in it.

28). Nurture ~ She whose Soul nurtures another knows Love as the closest Truth to Life.

29). Communicate ~ To communicate Happiness is Life’s most empowering path to Love.

30). Live ~ Live a Life in which Love has become the most essential way of expression and Loved you will forever feel.
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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