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Modern Technology and because Genius never stops, it has already envisioned your future.

Hereis what it looks like :-

1.) Bond Bike :-

If you ever fancied your bike to have a flame thrower with an anti-theft ejection seat, look no further. The Bond (Built of Notorious Deterrents) bike is meant for those who want to add a little daredevil stunt to their ride. The all-terrain caterpillar track makes the bike more agile on any surface, the front wheel can be replaced by a ski-board for riding the bike in cold weather. You can throw flames on cars coming too close to your uber ride. No words on the price though.

2.) Mini Rocks Sonoro :-

Following the design philosophy of Mini, this device provides more while comsuming less. A joint collaboration between Mini and German audio manufacture Sonoro, the Mini rocks Sonoro (yeah that’s what it’s called) is a limited edition internet radio and is made from the same wood casing that is used on the exterior of the Mini Cooper. Some of it’s features include a 3-inch full range speaker, inbuilt digital equalizer along with bass reflex tube.

3.) Antelope Audio Zodiac :-

Considering the high priced equipment. Antelope Audio makes, the Zodiac D/A converter is priced at just $4030. The Zodiac features Antelope’s renowned oven-controlled clock which is placed in a shield temperature controlled container to give the discerning audiophile precise sound output. Power supplies and digital circuits are placed separately on a gold plated boards to avoid cross-talk which gives excellent noise cancellation.

4.) Aiptek Pocket Cinema V20 :-

Tired of watching your favourite video on a small screen PMP? Then get yourself an Aiptek pocket cinema projector. This pocket device is capable of projecting 60 inch image on any surface and has built in stereo speakers. Its memory can be expanded to 32 GB using SD card. Its a great tool for office presentations and playing games.

Image Source : GoogleTechnology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important. – Bill Gates

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