Android Gingerbread Confirmed, Arrives on Google Campus

Although Gingerbread (Google’s codename for the next iteration of its popular Android platform) has yet to be officially announced, its mascot, a gigantic gingerbread man, has just arrived on Google’s campus. Android 3.0, a.k.a. Gingerbread, has been a topic of gadget-geek conversation for some months now. Since June, we’ve been hearing that the OS was slated to debut this fall. At that point, we said that Gingerbread represented a fork in the Android mobile operating system; Froyo and the 2.X OSes would be intended for mobile phones, while Gingerbread (and rumored 3.X successor Honeycomb) would start appearing on higher-powered mobile devices such as tablets. 

One Google exec pretty much confirmed this suspicion last month when he told reporters that Froyo was never intended as a tablet OS and that Google had other directions in mind for iPad competitor devices. And although some hardware companies have released Android 1.X- and 2.X-powered tablets (such as the Dell Streak and Samsung Tab), it’s not coincidental that some tablet manufacturers have held off on releasing Android-powered devices until Gingerbread is ready and available. 

We’re anxiously awaiting more details on Gingerbread and confirmation of its tablet-specific properties, but for now, the only official word from Google has been, “We’re baking something, and it’s pretty sweet.” Stay tuned for updates on Google’s plans for a new crop of Android-powered tablets to compete with the market-dominating iPad. But in the meantime, in this video, you can watch the statue being unwrapped and installed at Google’s Mountain View headquarters, where it stands next to an enormous frozen yogurt parfait that symbolically represents Android 2.2, a.k.a. Froyo.
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