Colorful Ingredients for a Happy Life

7 foods that can help you change your mood.
Think as yourself as an amazing energy field that requires harmony to function properly. Each time your mood is affected negatively by outside triggers, your energy field lowers its vibration.
There are many simple ways to rebalance this field. One of them is the Food Color Therapy. Determine your emotional need and add food in your diet that correspond to the energetic center in concern and its related color.
1.) RED: Need of grounding & ease manifestation.
Each time you feel disconnected from your reality or a lack of sense of belonging, try to add red fruits and red vegetables into your daily diet. The red is the vibration for the sense of belonging of a tribe and this food anchors this energy and helps you feel rooted; Strawberry, tomato, red pepper, red apple,
2.)ORANGE: Need to unleash you creativity
Food of orange color are beneficial in your journey into creativity. Orange, carrot, sweet potato, orange-colored spices… Add them into your diet to increase your creative vibration & support the manifestation of you creative endeavors.
3.) YELLOW: Need of Personal Empowerment
To be in your power means to not compromise your Truth. be authentic. Each time you feel challenge in this matter, add some yellow food into your diet: Lemon, yellow squash, banana, yellow pepper… These helps you hold the frequency of personal Power so that you feel strong in your true Self.
4.) GREEN & ROSE PINK: Need of unconditional Love for yourself
Green foods are beneficial for Self-Love and unconditional Love energy. They add an extra vibration to your own energy field, re-centering it into more Harmony. Each time you feel challenge with feeling lack of Love, add Green food to your diet: Spinach, Broccoli, Avocado, green pepper, Green bean, sweet pea, pink grapefruit.
5.) BLUE: Need of Communication
The blue color vibrate at a frequency that aligns with your Communication energetic center. Add blue food to your diet and you can raise your frequency in this matter. blueberry, dark cherry, black berry.
6.) INDIGO: Need of Intuition
Indigo is the color related to the third eye chakra. This is the energy center that governs Intuition & visualization. Add more indigo food into your diet to help enhance your intuitive abilities. Eggplant, Radicchio, turnip.
7.) VIOLETWHITE: Need of Connectedness to the Divine & deepen Faith
When you feel disconnected with the sacred part of you or wish to help support your Faith, add some purple fruits and vegetables as well as white produce
in your diet. These enhance the vibration of this energetic center allowing you to balance your connection to all that is: lavender, purple cabbage, red potato, purple asparagus, Egg whites, almond milk.
The color of the smile you wear is the light of the Love you carry. – Soul
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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