The 10 Attitudes To Soulful Sexiness

Sexiness may be defined as sexual attractiveness but when it comes to Soulful Sexiness, it is all about the attitude. It’s all about the Presence that can be felt beyond the eyes & that instantaneously vibrates with Beauty, self-confidence and Respect. It also is about the Kindness that is felt in this Presence and that leaves a lasting memory of genuineness, thoughtfulness and acceptance.
Embrace the path to Soulful Sexiness and let your beauty be forever noticeable…

1.) The Attitude of Gratitude

Life is precious & fragile and yet abundant & creative. Gratitude is the recognition that the goodness that lies within Life, even though always available, is also amazingly given to you without any conditions.
“Humble your expectations with Gratitude as you enrich your dreams with miracles.” ~Soul
2.) The Attitude of Compassion

The ability to open the heart and let Love be the bridge betwe
en two souls is the ultimate way for Beauty to be seen. Indeed, Self-confidence exists in its purest form in the gift of acceptance of another for the power that is required to let one in is Self-knowingness.
“Let your heart reach for another so that you experience the miracle of compassion.” ~Soul
3.) The Attitude of Humility

To set the ego aside and allow your Presence to be the one to be felt is the most remarkable way to be. Humility reveals the strength of standing not in loud & pompous words but in silent & meaningful eloquence.
“Think of you as greater than yourself and with Humility, transcend that which you have idealized.” ~Soul
4.) The Attitude of Authenticity

The unlimited power that lies within the Truth can only be accessed by aligning to this Truth. The closer to your true Self, the more confident you are, the more poised you appear.
“Once you make yourself authentic, then Life makes you beautiful.” ~Soul
5.) The Attitude of Joy

Joy neutralizes the lower vibrations that interferes with your Charisma. Presence is expanded through the constant & conscious attitude of rejoicing about simply being.
“The privilege of the wise is the enjoyment of simple pleasures.” ~Soul

6.) The Attitude of Simplicity

There is in each moment of Life, an easier way to be because it is simpler. This way allows a more direct connection to the Source and brings Self-Confidence in the forefront of every experience.
“If Nothing else, be simply you… That will make up for everything else.” ~Soul
7.) The Attitude of Sharing

The most amazing way for Soulful Sexiness to be recognized lies in the Sharing of the Self. Each moment given to another is a way to show composure, harmony & inner-strength.
“You don’t build Love to share it… Love builds you so that you share yourself.” ~Soul


8.) The Attitude of Service

Service is giving with a complete devotion to the gift, offering with the complete humility for the gift and surrendering with the complete Faith in the Gift… Your own humanity is the gift. Stand strong in your Gift.
“To serve with Love is to let Life see her own Truth.” ~Soul
9.) The Attitude of Smile

The smile is the window of the Soul, the pathway to soulful energy. To smile is to invite another to feel that Love isn’t only possible but it is inevitable. It is the simplest way to demonstrates Self-mastery.
“To give a smile is to give a chance for beauty to be seen.” ~Soul
10.) The Attitude of Love

Absolute and therefore all-powerful, the attitude of Love is the one of Ultimate Soulful sexiness. Each choice made from Love gives an instantaneous sense of healthy self-worthiness. This translates as a Presence that overwhelms the heart with Kindness & leaves invisible yet noticeable traces of awesomeness in the ones touched by It.
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“To think may get you somewhere from time to time whereas to Love gets you everywhere all the time…” ~Soul
The way to Soulful sexiness uncovers the path of the Wise, the Brave & the Lover. Not only is it the path filled with the recognition that Life is precious, amazing & powerful but more so it is the one that explore it, experience it and that gives Life its most wholly meaning & purpose. It is the one that reveals your most outstanding Presence.
“Ask the Rose about Beauty and she’ll stand silently in all of it.” ~Soul

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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