Future Technology What Your Future Holds

Therehas always been ordinary people with extraordinary imagination to move the world forward, using technology as a tool for human dreams to become Humanity’s reality.

In the Power of Imagination lies new possibilities. In new possibilities exist new ways to experience greater harmony with the environment, greater simplicity with Life as a greater sense of Happiness for Humanity.

Because Genius never fails, It has succeeded to take Man from the Stone Age to the era of Modern Technology and because Genius never stops, it has already envisioned your future.

Hereis what it looks like :-

Rubber Mobile Phone
Optimus Tactus Keyboard


Nokia BMW Video Phone
Hand Held Digital Wallet
Glo Pillow – Stimulates Gently Wake you Up
Flameless Rechargeable USB Lighter
F1Carbon GMT Concept Watch
E-Paper Slap Bracelet


Eizo C T-One – Both a Mouse & Remote Control
Curved iMac Concept
Costume Samsung 2.5 inch HDD for Women
Cocoon – Taking Computing to a New Level
Alarm Clock Docking for iPhone
A Fountain Pen for the Modern


Real Crystal LED Watch
Spherical Mobile Office
The Brix Phone
USB Digital Camera Fakes Analog
The future holds as much Beauty as your today’s dream can envision.- Soul
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