A Soulful Prayer for the World

Let your heart open to the principle of Life that reveals you. Align with the Source that inhabits your being and in a moment of deep Gratitude and Humility, realize that all that exists lies beyond the veil that your eyes perceive & in the Light that your heart knows.

Because Life is too precious to let it pass by without Compassion, Kindness and Understanding,
Here is a Prayer given for the world to the ones who wish to remember the Truth of our oneness.
Here is a message of Hope for a generation that is awakening to its power.
Here is a message of Love for the ones whose heart wishes to remember Joy.
Here is a Call for Love, Peace & Unity.

1.) That our relationship isn’t only of blood but essentially of Love.

2.) That our past isn’t only of historical facts but essentially of heartfelt memories.

3.) That our destiny isn’t already simply written but open to all of our possibilities.

4.) That our Life isn’t an isolated incident led by chance but a journey of togetherness led by Will.


5.) That our vision of Life isn’t only a 3 dimensional one but one of Infinite perceptions that creates Grace.

6.) That our Truth isn’t one of separation & chaos but one of Unity & Peace.

7.) That our Harmony is in our hands and our hands only.

8.) That our Equilibrium is about coming together as one in our heart.

9.) That our experience is about respecting the individual, no matter the race, gender or beliefs, as being part of our Sacred Truth.

10.) That our Happiness is always a choice away, a smile away, an act of kindness away.

11.) That beyond all appearances, you & I are one & the same.

12.) That beyond all appearances, we are forever united & shall return as so.

May each of us meditate on this, with great devotion, so that we find a way for Wisdom to lead our choices and a way for Love to pour out of our heart & lead Humanity to the Greatest Destiny it is meant to Live. One of Peace and Harmony.
When you send a prayer to the world, it inevitably
comes back to you. – Soul

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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  1. Love your prayer page!

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