Soulful Technology – Hi-Tech reveals a world beyond the world

Well, in terms of technology, this Twist comes even stronger as I firmly know that the main purpose for the gift & talent of tech visionaries is to give ways for consciousness to grow towards its Destiny. The remembrance of our Oneness, Our interconnectedness & our Unity.
Here is a list of 5 tools used in the most familiar way that demonstrate the rising power of our collective sense of belonging, the Truth of our Uniqueness and the Beauty of our creative mind.
1.) Social Media  :- Interconnectedness/sharing differences/finding similarities

The emergence of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin or Myspace to name only a few, is an evidence of a collective need to gather, re-member, unite and re-create a sense of togetherness that is relevant with the essential energy to which we belong.
Indeed, most users of these Social Media agree that they find a space where they vibrate with a sense of belonging to a community that was not given to them but chosen by them.
The power to individually choose our family gives a tremendous foundation to the human being whose sense of belonging has always been a primary need.
Social media isn’t only a way to communicate. it is a way of being closer to our nature. One of interconnectedness, one of sharing differences within a fearless environment, one of uniting like-minded beings with similar frequencies.

2.) Internet Access Worldwide technology :- Communication/ Interconnectedness
The subtle energy world communicates with waves, just like our current ways of communication. With the technology of long distance communication, distances have no incidence on the world being connected. The Human capability to be connected anywhere & anytime has become a reality.
Indeed, in the Soulful world, each moment is an opportunity to share an information that changes consciousness.
Similarly to phone and internet capabilities, the information is transmitted unseen, as well as instantaneous and high speed, just as consciousness.
The Internet is the soulful symbol of our interconnectedness and our essential need to share information to forever learn, grow and experience the unknown from a less fearful space.

3.) The Future of Video game :- Are we living the dream or dreaming the Life?
Controlling a reality with your mind…The newest researches in video games are finding ways to use the mind as reproducing a reality in which the player become the hero with no need of any devices. The Mind becomes the element that creates the game.
4.) 3D “Holophonic” Sound System :- The world of virtuality where your mind arranges your surrounding to give it a sense.
Researches and Technologies have proven the mind’s ability to re-create an environment only from hearing a sound. The Mind does all the work as putting data together to give a sense to the reality it is experiencing. The amazing power of your brain calculates the tiny differences or cues and sound intensity and arrival time from two open ears. Unlike any other hearing instrument, only one has the digital algorhythm that negates its own physical presence in the ear to fully restore those differences.
This clearly demonstrates the mind’s capability to perceive a reality that isn’t the Truth but a collage of all the information of which it is aware.
The Truth lies beyond the perception…!!
5.) Twitter :- Connection through essentiality 140 characters to speak you Truth/Simplicity/Essentiality
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Twitter is the social media the most connected to the symbol of essentiality. Some may argue that one can pretend to be someone else while behind a nickname and a cartoon picture but the fact of the matter is that 140 characters to speak your Truth is pushing people to be essential. Like squeezing an orange to have only the juice coming…. Indeed, for whoever is in search of like-minded people, the 140 characters limitation of the Twitter World creates an immediate and easy way to determine with who you are interacting.
Each time limitations is at play, essentiality also is. The less space people have to express themselves, the more essential they will become.
Simplicity and essentiality is a Soulful way of Living that tends to reveal the Truth of who one is.
As you move through Life, become aware that everything and I mean everything around you is but a symbol of who consciousness is and by doing so, you can begin to unveil a more subtle world that uses this physicality as a way to know itself..!!
Technolology is the expression of the Genius that wishes to show us the way to Oneness via interconnectedness. ~Soul
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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