It’s all about FRIENDS

Friends, we have all heard of this word but what is it true meaning? We didn’t all start out as friends in reality we all started out as strangers to one another.  Can you recall the day you met your friend?  Was it a smile or a laughter you shared with them to break the ice? Was it some silly gossip bout some celebrity you both love or depise so much? Or was it something tragic and it brought you two closer? Whatever the reason it was, we some how made it thru the hurddle and bacame friends.  Theres so many types of friendship in different stages of one’s life.
Do you know which friendship you classify your into? Please remember this is just an opinion not a fact :
1.) Silly Friend The friend who you can be silly with and they won’t run the other direction in public cause of embarrassment you are causing them.
2.) Gossip City FriendThe friend you can trade or get gossip from cause they seem to know whats going on with everyone.
3.) “Know It All” FriendThe friend who knows everything and anything that comes out of their mouth can’t be shot down cause they know it all.
4.) OMG Friend The one friend that you can’t believe you are still friends with.
5.) “Cause I Said So” FriendThe one friend who seems they are the QUEEN of the pack, always giving orders.
Friends, we have them and sometimes we don’t know what we do in life with or without them. Some how they found that little corner in our heart and when they leave, they tend to leave small footprints and will never be forgotten. As friends we have different ways of showing each other love and sometimes it confuses people. One thing for sure they will always be there for us when we need them the most!
ஜYou are never alone or lost as I am alway by your side.ஜ
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