40 Soulful ways to explain LOVE

Love, without taking the romantic side away from it, is a state of being. Indeed it is the most natural state of being. While this is ultimately our most essential way of existing, our forgotten memory has temporarily disconnected us from the Source. We must be consciously re-wired to this essence in order to remember who we truly are… This is possible through the experiences we face each day that remind us what Love feels, what Love is and therefore Who we are.
As a permanent state of Being, Love requires no specific doing to get it but more so a will to reveal it. Here is a List of 40 behaviors that we do because we are. They all reveal a state of open-mindedness, well-being and care which are evidence of being in Love.
1). You say “I Love You” even if you have never said it before. The space created with Love allows one to express him/her self in the most authentic way.
2). You suddenly care about what you wear. Your appearance reflects who you are. healthy Self-care defines healthy self-Love.
3). You give your time to charity. Gift is the first expression of Love. Naturally, you find yourself more generous.
4). You dance more often. Playfulness is an expression of Love that uses the body as a way to communicate Joy.
5). You sing in the shower. You are aligned with the song of your Soul.
6). You write Love letters. Your inspiration is expanded as well as your creative ability.
7). You think about a future. Endless possibilities are consciously aligning with your potential.
8). You start a blog. In the spirit of sharing, aligned with Love, blogging becomes a way to open your world to another.
9). You smile without reasons. The simple awareness of being in Love is sufficient to smile for the smile is but the symbol of happiness.
10). You dream the impossible & believe there is a way to create it. Unlimited and Infinite is the vibration to which you aligned.
11). You connect with Like-minded people. Open-mindedness naturally creates a stronger field to attract new connections
12). You are willing to cook for another. To Share food is to share essential sustenance & demonstrate soulful recognition.
13). You realize that your happiness is linked to someone else’s happiness. Sharing Joy & happiness is pure state of Love.
14). You spend a lot of time on phone. Communicating, interacting, sharing Tru
th, vision, dreams… is possible when there is a safe space for it.
15). You check your emails more often. Technology has come to erase distances making connection undeniably & forever present.
16). You finally find time on your agenda to do things outside of work. You become more essential & closer to your emotional needs.
17). You go to the gym. Caring for the self implies caring for the body & also recognizing beauty, health & physical well-being as important components of Life
18). You read your horoscope. The unfathomable aspect about love allows the heart to guide the mind to be open to unconventional ways of existing.
19). You watch the night sky and wonder if someone else is watching it also. The state of Love opens the gate to imagination, day-dream & wonderment…
20). You are not in a hurry anymore. Time matters for the mind whereas Love exists only in the heart & the Now Moment.
21). You learn another language. The ability to open the mind is theoretically limitless. Learning is curiosity. To learn another language is interconnectedness.
22). You move to another city or country. Fear of the unknown becomes irrelevant for wherever you  goes, Love, the safest space to exist, also goes.
23). You enjoy as much a sunny day to go out as a rainy one to stay in. Acceptance of the unexpected, uncontrollable & unpredictable becomes natural.
24). You share secrets. Love is the safest space to be authentic for no judgment nor critic has access to this Sacred space.
25). You reveal your childhood pictures. The inner-child has a space to explore its ability to be joyful, in complete confidence.
26). You re-invent your Life. Love is the ultimate creative energy from where all potential dreams becomes possibilities, the perfect space for the visionary.
27). You let your emotions be. The sense of security given by the aspects of acceptance and compassion provides the ideal place for strong emotional responses.
28). You explore your creative abilities. The infinite creativity held in the state of Love let the mind wander like a curious child discovering the unknown.
29). You speak for hours. The natural sense of interconnectedness added to the sense of freedom of speech gives a space for endless conversations.
30). You consider another point of view more easily. The mind opens up to the listening mode aligning with the curiosity about the unknown.
31). You enjoy a sunset or a sunrise. The simplest natural pieces of art becomes the most beautiful spaces to wonder about the miracle of Life.
32). You look on the bright side. Life appears filtered with positivism, enthusiasm and happiness which vibrate with the Love state of consciousness.
33). You volunteer your time to help others. To Love is to be connected to something greater than the Self.
34). You are satisfied with simple things. Simplicity helps to return to the source & support the reconnection to our essential nature.
35). You sleep less, you do more. Love holds an unlimited quantity of energy giving enough fuel for the body to keep moving.
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36). You lose weight. The state of Love provides a sense of security allowing to detach from fear & let go of the need to build “artificial protection”.
37). You believe in Fate. The divine connectedness felt through Faith & Truth gives a new sense the creative process where a sense of destiny exists.
38). You write poetry, play music, make art. All forms of art becomes a way to express the beauty enclosed in Love.
39). You forgive more easily. The ultimate acceptance & compassion that Love provides creates true forgiveness where the heart let go of emotional attachments.
40). You are hopeful. Hope sums up the state of Love by giving possibilities always & all ways.
Never underestimate the power of Love for it is indeed the very essence of who you are. Shift your perception from what you do to explain who you are onto who you are to explain what you do.
Thus you can perceive the true power that lies in your Life. You can now choose your state of being and aligned your choices.
Love not because you want, wish, can or need but more so because you are.. ~ Soul
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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