20 Unforgettable Life Moments in 20 Soulful Quotes

Birth ~ You were given the gift of Life so that you could give Life the gift of Love… ~Soul
Childhood ~ Childhood is the stage in a man’s life when Life is felt more than believed… ~Soul
School ~ Remember that school isn’t where you learn Life… Life is where you learn Life… ~Soul
First Love ~ First Love knows no limitation for it knows no reason to hold back… ~Soul
Work ~ When your passion aligns with your wisdom then your vision aligns with a possibility to express your Genius… ~Soul
Life ~ Live kindly for Love, Live mostly for Joy, Live wisely for Peace & more so Live Happily for You… ~Soul
Relationship ~ No relationship can ever blossom without the kindness of a heart & the flexibility of a mind… ~Soul
Marriage ~ When Duality reaches Unity, then difference reaches likeness & Life remembers Sacredness… ~Soul

Friendship ~ Friendship should always be the most comfortable space to be for it is the least judgmental place to evolve…Soul
Faith ~ When the path cannot be seen or the way is unheard of,  Faith remains the wisest guide to journey into Life… ~Soul
Death ~ When the simple pleasure of being overcomes the need of having, then each moment becomes a gateway to eternity… ~Soul
Love ~ He whose Love has turned his heart into a blessing for others can share Life with the simple gift of a smile… ~Soul
Success ~ True success is a dream-like vision that entered a world of mindful skepticism, traveled into a unfathomable certainty & exited as a heartfelt opportunity… ~Soul
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Parent ~ When you give a child the knowledge you have, remember to let the child show you the Truth he knows… ~Soul
Wisdom ~ Wisdom is the thread that weaves all separate truths into One united Life… ~Soul
Family ~ In her effort to reveal Peace, Humankind must be willing to redefine one essential concept: the concept of Family… ~Soul
Miracle ~ May you perceive the miracle of Life within each breath you take so that your Life becomes an account of miraculous inspiration… ~Soul

Home ~ Let your heart be your Home so that wherever you are, you also feel Home… ~Soul
Health ~ When harmony exists within your heart then Balance is present within your mind & health is expressed within your body…~Soul
Dream ~ When your dearest dream meets a vision of possibility then your deepest Truth finds a gateway to Life … ~Soul
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