20 Unforgettable Life Moments in 20 Soulful Quotes

Birth ~ You were given the gift of Life so that you could give Life the gift of Love… ~Soul
Childhood ~ Childhood is the stage in a man’s life when Life is felt more than believed… ~Soul
School ~ Remember that school isn’t where you learn Life… Life is where you learn Life… ~Soul
First Love ~ First Love knows no limitation for it knows no reason to hold back… ~Soul
Work ~ When your passion aligns with your wisdom then your vision aligns with a possibility to express your Genius… ~Soul
Life ~ Live kindly for Love, Live mostly for Joy, Live wisely for Peace & more so Live Happily for You… ~Soul
Relationship ~ No relationship can ever blossom without the kindness of a heart & the flexibility of a mind… ~Soul
Marriage ~ When Duality reaches Unity, then difference reaches likeness & Life remembers Sacredness… ~Soul

Friendship ~ Friendship should always be the most comfortable space to be for it is the least judgmental place to evolve…Soul
Faith ~ When the path cannot be seen or the way is unheard of,  Faith remains the wisest guide to journey into Life… ~Soul
Death ~ When the simple pleasure of being overcomes the need of having, then each moment becomes a gateway to eternity… ~Soul
Love ~ He whose Love has turned his heart into a blessing for others can share Life with the simple gift of a smile… ~Soul
Success ~ True success is a dream-like vision that entered a world of mindful skepticism, traveled into a unfathomable certainty & exited as a heartfelt opportunity… ~Soul
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Parent ~ When you give a child the knowledge you have, remember to let the child show you the Truth he knows… ~Soul
Wisdom ~ Wisdom is the thread that weaves all separate truths into One united Life… ~Soul
Family ~ In her effort to reveal Peace, Humankind must be willing to redefine one essential concept: the concept of Family… ~Soul
Miracle ~ May you perceive the miracle of Life within each breath you take so that your Life becomes an account of miraculous inspiration… ~Soul

Home ~ Let your heart be your Home so that wherever you are, you also feel Home… ~Soul
Health ~ When harmony exists within your heart then Balance is present within your mind & health is expressed within your body…~Soul
Dream ~ When your dearest dream meets a vision of possibility then your deepest Truth finds a gateway to Life … ~Soul
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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