Reboot your Life with Love

The 6 steps to master the Soulful way to Body/Mind Spirit Well-being :-
Life isn’t a journey to Love… It is a journey of Love… ~Soul When Life seems to push and pull & wears your mental & physical being down, it is time for a Soulful approach to Health… Here are 6 steps, 6 attitudes that you can easily implement in your Life as soon as NOW!
Step #1~ Choose Love
Love is the soulful art of Being…~Soul
As the master aspect of the Soul, Love is the foundation of the Soulful Way. Expressed in a myriad of forms such as compassion, kindness, charity, respect or affection to only write a few, your loving choices become the stones that build your Soulful path.
Each of us holds the potential for this Love to be expressed… Circumstances will allow this potential to be or not to be… Your ability to choose is the freedom you were granted. The way you react to your choice is another one… But know that when Love becomes your preferred choice and your way to behave then chances are that you are on your way to Soulful Mastery…
Step #2~ Learn to Trust
Trust is the bridge that connects your vulnerability to your strength so that when your tears travel, they always find a smile… ~Soul
As the ultimate “Love proof”, Trust is the bridge between you and yourself first… then you and the world… On all the anchors that Love knows, It is the deepest, strongest and most subtle one… Built from acts of Love given and acts of Love accepted, it cannot be fathomed by the reasoning of the mind but only by the connection to the Soul… To build it is to be authentic, genuine, earnest and sincere. It comes with the understanding that your actions reflect your thoughts and your thoughts express your feelings without judgments or critics…
Step #3~ Express Gratitude
Gratitude is an invitation for Love to settle within and a way for Love to spread around… ~Soul
There is, in the attitude of gratitude, the basic fundamentals of existence. The recognition of a sharing that has enriched one another. This is interconnectedness at its best. The principle of Oneness expressed in its most simple form. The Soulful way is based not only on the acknowledgment of all as worthy of existence but more so of the knowingness that Life is a forever given gift…
Step #4~ Live in Humility
Humility is the way of the servant that masters Life in Love… ~Soul
To be humble is to yield your needs for Love to your memory of It and let your experience be a channel to what you already are… essentially. Humility is to give power to that which is Unseen yet real and be open to the Goodness that is there for you. This is the surrender of most mindful thoughts to their heartfelt counterparts.
Step #5~ Think Unity
Your Life is at the service of a greater one that wishes to fulfill you…~Soul
The ultimate purpose of the Soulful way is to express All That Is. Its Mastery lies in forever relating to you as part of the All and because of this… indispensable for All…
You are Unique within the Whole and the Whole knows itself through you in the most Unique way. The greater your level of Intimacy with Life the strongest your connection to All That Exists.
Step #6~ Explore your Creativity
Creativity knows only the limits that which your mind imposes. The Soul knows none… ~Soul
If there is a way for the Soul, it is in creativity that it shall be expressed. Life is creative in its essence… The Soul thrives in creativity and strives for it. The soulful connection allows spirited energy to direct its creative power onto what makes you unique and express it as original, inspiring, innovative and resourceful.
Life is worth living only if you find the enjoyment in the moment. The Joy that each moment holds is known by the Soul. Give yourself the gift of a Soulful Attitude and gain a Lifetime of True Well-Being.
Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle

She helps you harness the power of the mind through the Infinite Greatness that lies in your heart. Her blog Modern Mystic contains many soulful inspirations.

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