Make Your Own Cellphone Macro Lens

Taking a close up shot from your cell phone is close to impossible even if you have one of the best camera phones in the market.Here’s a DIY that helps you take close up shots with your own mobile phone without much trouble. What you’ll need :- ————————— An old DVD drive with lens, transparent cello tape and your mobile phone with camera. How to make it work? ——————————- 1. Hack apart your old DVD drive to take out the little lens in it. 2. Take the lens and keep it exactly over your mobile phone’s lens and put a cello tape over it to hold the lens. 3. Please note that putting the cello tape completely over the lens would decrease the clarity.Hence, try to put the minimum possible portion of tape on the lens which would be just sufficient to hold it. 4. Use anything pointed you have to rip off the cello tape that covers the lens. 5. Now use this to take close up pictures of very minute stuff you have. How it works :- ——————– The little lens inside the DVD drive is just of the perfect size and has a perfect magnification to turn the cell phone camera lens into a macro tool. This can be use to take clearer macro pictures of ICs, Diodes, Tiny Insects, etc.


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