How a Social Media Freelancer Can Earn Money from Home


How a Social Media Freelancer Can Earn Money from HomeAs a social media freelancer, there are many things you can do to spice up your business. First you need to contact with many companies as you can, since they are mostly looking for people who can handle social media. Second you also need to look for organizations that can help you in landing a job. Third you just need to persevere and not give up when the situation doesn’t go your way.

But the more important question for social media freelancers working from home: how can they earn money doing while they love doing? But some studies say that for this type of work, you can earn as little as $15 per hour to thousands depending on several criteria.

Here are just a few tips and advice you need to consider when looking for that type of job online – and how much you need to charge for it.

The Charging Rates

As mentioned above social media freelancers earn around $15 to $250 an hour. But with this range, it’s quite huge especially since you don’t know the scope of the work and how much effort you should put into the job. Here are some of the things you need to consider.

  • Work Experience – When you are still a newbie at your job, you can charge at least $15 to $40 an hour. If you are in the range of having that five-year experience, then you might charge until $75. But if you have more than five years working as a social media freelancer, then go ahead and give yourself a rate of around $250 an hour. If, for instance, you have been working for the longest time as a social strategist media specialist and you are looking for additional income through this work, then give yourself some credit and aim at a higher price. But remember that even with all of these prices and cost, it still depends on the type of work that you need to do, and what kind of effort you put in.
  • Consider the ClientWhen it comes to knowing your rates, you need to consider the ability of the client to pay, and how much they can pay you. Keep in mind that for every client, you charge differently. For corporate clients, you can charge higher as compared with non-profit organizations or even individuals. Social media experts also charge according to the needs of the clients so you can offer the same service.
  • Think about charging on a monthly basis – When it comes to charging, consider charging on a monthly basis as compared to per-project since you can earn more from this, according to social media experts. When you do this and don’t know how to charge, think about how much effort you’ll be putting in to this type of work. So how to do this? You need to know how much you want to make and check out the charges of other consultants as well. For instance, there are some consultants which earn $1,000 – $3,000 a month to monitor the Facebook pages. You can also provide a package for their needs: $1,000 for the first package, $2,000 for the second package and $3,000 for the third package. When you charge this way, make sure that there is something unique and useful for every package as your clients might choose the first package since it’s the cheapest.

Being Worthy of It All

Remember that when you say you are worthy, you mean more than that especially in this world of social media freelancers where everything can fall with just a click of the finger but if your rates are reasonable enough, then you can incur more projects that you can imagine.

When you have all the rates going, some people may think that you are charging too little or that you are charging too much. The key, then, is to find out how much you are worth and how much your clients are willing to pay for your value.

So choose a price and then stick with it. Be confident about your cost and your value and soon enough, you’ll find your clients finding value not only with the work but with you as well.

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