The Divine Arsonist : A Tale of Awakening (Review & Contest)

Jacob Nordby

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5 Stars
On March 30, 2012
Last modified:April 2, 2012


The Divine Arsonist is an epic journey told in the most sincere and clever way. From questions to revelations and from darkness to awakening, you won't be able to put the book down.

"The Divine Arsonist - A Tale of Awakening"

There are times on Earth when extraordinary consciousness invades everyday life. There are time on Earth when unseen forces make a calamity of the status quo. These are times on Earth when it seems as though a divine arsonist has set fire to the world as we known. – We live in such a time. ~The Divine Arsonist.

This is how this amazing tale of awakening is starting and this is how whoever finds this book in his or her hands will literally travel through the 300 pages journey of unfolding wonderment of Self-discovery.

When Life invites you to look at yourself from a new perspective, then essential questions and a powerful introspective investigation are the only tools.

The Divine Arsonist is an epic journey told in the most sincere and clever way. From questions to revelations and from darkness to awakening, you won’t be able to put the book down. Jacob’s writing signature is mix with emotions, humor and symbology that takes the reader into an adventure out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. A roller-coaster of existential examinations that awakens the inner-child and let it enter into a world of unlimited possibility where life is reconsidered, reevaluated and reinterpreted with Genius.

Fifteen years ago, I read a book that awakened my soul and fueled it with spirit. It was “The Celestine Prophesy”. Today, The Divine Arsonist offers the same quality-awakening with a vibrational blueprint only known to those who have lived the way, felt the way and integrated the way. A brilliant piece of work that I recommend to anyone whose mind seeks transformation and whose heart knows where to find it.

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Divine Arsonist Contest : Click on the link above to download and read the three-first chapters of the Divine Arsonist for free! Leave a comment on the blog and on Monday, we’ll draw a name from everyone who has commented about the 3-chapter sample. The winner will receive a autographed book! Yoohoo..Why waiting comment now :-)

"The Divine Arsonist Winner"

Post Update : The “Divine Arsonist” contest has been closed but the free download of the 3-chapter of the amazing tale of awakening is still available to everyone! Feel free to get it, read, it share it and still use the comment box to leave your feeling about it! Your comment are valuable to share the love! Thank you all!

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Aline Hanle


  • Justsweetangel

    Thank you for the referral i will be sure to check it out sounds very interesting according to the many great reviews that it got on i do appreciate the share and am always delighted by your blogs keep up the wonderful work! thanks Amit!!! 

    • catalyst303

      Hi! Thank you for your kind comment! It is always nice to hear some feedback from our precious readers! :-) The Divine Arsonist is an amazing book and we would recommend it to many!!Enjoy!

  • ConferencePublishers

    I read the Celestine Prophecy and had a similar experience to you Aline.  So your recommendation is one I take seriously.  I will certainly put The Divine Arsonist on my reading list. 

    • Aline Hanle

      Hello! Jacob’s real life experience is the place where he fueled his passion for writing and sharing! It truly is an amazing story filled with awakening wonders! :-) Thank you for taking the time to comment! Have a great day!

  • Jenise Fryatt

    Aline, thank you for this review.  You have certainly peaked my interest as I was a big fan of all the Celestine Prophecy books.  We certainly live in times when these kinds of ideas are coming to life all around us.  

    • Aline Hanle

      Hello Jenise! The Divine Arsonist is daring in many ways, yet humankind is so ready to walk through the fire of its own shadow.. I truly loved this book!! :-) Thank you for leaving a word on the page! Enjoy your day!

      • Jacob Nordby

        wow, Aline! well SAID! >>> “yet humankind is so ready to walk through the fire of its own shadow….”  yes!

        • Aline Hanle

          And with your book, Jacob.. People will discover a safe way to walk in the fire without being burned… Amazing book! Thank you for your vision brought to our reality!

    • Aline Hanle

      Jenise!!! You have won the contest!! Congratulations!!! You will receive an autographed Book of “The Divine Arsonist” in your mailbox!! Enjoy! :-)

      • Jenise Fryatt

        Wow! Cool! Thank you!!

        Jenise Fryatt

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  • Deborah Oster Pannell

    Wow, I’ve just read the first three chapters of this book, and I’m in!
    Spiritual enlightenment is a wonderful thing, but it can’t be imposed, and it won’t result from fear or a sense of obligation. When we’re ready to be open to it, our spirits let us know.

    That’s why I love the gentle ease with which Jacob Nordby unfolds his story. I found myself relating to his character effortlessly – his sense of commitment and obligation to his work as well as the difficulty in letting go of the myriad of connections to new business opportunities… Although his pursuit of success is honorable, it is clear that he has lost site of something intangible and vital to his true fulfillment as a human being. How many of us can relate to this feeling of being caught up in something without understanding why?

    Having some familiarity with shamanistic traditions, the mind/body/spirit connection and the healing process, I can appreciate so many familiar elements of Jacob’s experience. And of course, nothing is more entrancing than a good, well told story. I love the way this narrative is developing, and I look forward to seeing how the author maintains his connection to us, his readers, and uses his story to inspire and empower…


    • Aline Hanle

      Hi! Yes! The novel is so well-written that 3 chapters are enough to dive into the story and the wonder! I agree with you!! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your feel! Have a great week-end!

    • Jacob Nordby

      wow, Deborah.  Look forward to comparing notes with you and THANKS :-)

  • Janet Callaway

    Aline, aloha. Dashing out the door, however, I am now anxious to return, download the sample chapters and start reading. Sounds terrific. Thanks so much for letting me know about this book. No doubt I will be sharing it quickly and with many as soon as I read the chapters.  Aloha. Janet

    • Aline Hanle

      Yeah! My pleasure Janet.. Terrific is definitively a word that fits with this amazing tale of awakening! I know that many, like me, are going to be transformed because of it! This is such an exciting moment for awakening and revelations! Enjoy your Week-end, my Friend!

  • Candice Ann Rowland

    Hi Aline,
    Soooo did I relate to the first three chapters? Absolutely; I thought Jacoby had secretly been watching my conversations with my angles….. :))) Love the message thus far; very interested to see what Lucious forsees where the world is heading…Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Aline Hanle

      Candice!! I had the greatest privilege to meet JAcob & I must say that what Lucius shard with him… is only what a Soul can share to another.. It will burn with Love and awaken the sense with Truth.. <3 Thank you for commenting, Sweet Candice!! 

      • Candice Ann Rowland

        I look forward in reading the rest…and thank you for your kind words always, Aline!!! : ) <3

        • Aline Hanle

          My Pleasure, Candice.. You are a gem.. :-)

  • Irene Becker

    Aline:  The introduction to this book grabbed me.  The words wrapped around my head, my heart and my conviction that we are standing on a glass cliff facing the greatest renaissance man has ever know or the deepest abyss.  I vote for the former because I believe we will rise to our greatest challenges and use them to lead forward, to build a better world.

    This is a book I must read, and I must share the opening paragraph, as it is a gift…

    There are times on Earth when extraordinary
    consciousness invades everyday life. There are times
    on Earth when unseen forces make a calamity of the
    status quo. There are times on Earth when it seems
    as though a divine arsonist has set fire to the world
    as we know it.
    — We live in such times.

    • Aline Hanle

      Dear Irene! Your words resonate with the book, the current growth of consciousness and myself very deeply.. Yes the Renaissance man who can sense his receptive self and re-invent his life from it is one whose vision can lead many in the highest stratosphere of this physical reality. Thank you so much for sharing your vibe and view.. I sincerely appreciate! Keep bringing your words in comments as they are divinely infused!! :-)

    • Jacob Nordby

      wow, Irene. You really “get” it!

  • Ginny Trone

    I’ve just read the first 3 chapters and am anxious to read the rest of the book now.

  • Jacob Nordby

    wow, Lynn! you read fast.  connect with me via Facebook if you wish 

    BTW, I’m giving a gift copy of Pearls Of Wisdom (new book with Jack Canfield) to folks who read Divine Arsonist and post an Amazon review. :-)